Kiss goodbye to that bothersome extra fullness below your chin with the only FDA-approved injectable treatment to permanently eliminate submental fullness (also known as double chin). Kybella uses a naturally occurring acid to destroy fat tissue, so you can look & feel your best without turning to surgical alternatives.

  • Fullness beneath chin, also known as “double chin”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kybella work?

Kybella uses an injection of deoxycholic acid, a molecule naturally found in the body that is used in the process of breaking down dietary fats. During the treatment, this acid is used to target fat cells beneath the chin, permanently destroying their ability to accumulate fat.

What can I expect during my procedure?

As with all procedures at The Derm Lab Rx, you’ll start with a comprehensive consultation to determine if this treatment is right for you. The treatment itself can last around 20 minutes. You’ll receive multiple small injections all over the treatment area, the number depending on the amount of fat present and your desired results.

Is there any downtime with this treatment?

Little to no downtime is needed after Kybella treatment. Some patients experience bruising, swelling, or tenderness.

How long until I see Kybella’s results? How long do they last?

Most patients reach desired results in 2-4 treatments, but once reached, the results are permanent. No more than 6 treatments can be administered.